A loom with pinkish red and yellow yarn braids hang off in the middle of a gallery.
Flor de cuatro pétalos
Dyed linen yarn, floor loom, Open Audio Description, Ongoing Performance
Dimensions variable

Image Description: A large floor loom on a grey floor with large windows and white walls behind it. The loom is half way set up with yellow and red braids of thin silky linen yarn. In the corner hanging from the ceiling is a directional speaker with open Audio Description. The loom has a tray of eucalyptus and other herbs on top concerting this productive object into an ancestral altar. Hanging off the side is a red bag used by nurses and volunteers in the Red Cross in the early 1900's and in the front of the loom there is a small textile hanging that is red and yellow and appears as a ribbon with small red cross pins. Extended creative Audio Description is available on the EFA Project Space website https://www.projectspace-efanyc.org/francisco