Montañas Enamoradas

“It's a feeling, if you ride with it, that produces a certain distance from the settled, from those who determine themselves in space and time, who locate themselves in a determined history. To have been shipped is to have been moved by others, with others.” (Fred Moten)

The video starts with appropriated footage of El Cerrejón coal mine in the Guajira region of Colombia near the border of Venezuela. The footage depicts an audio track count down to several small bombs in the land used to extract large amounts of coal. The video then cuts to a screen of video static and a wave in the ocean. The video then cuts again to a screen depicting echo performing horizontal movements under a collage of family textiles and burlap coffee sacks on a beach. The video is interspliced with close up footage of a large styrofoam beach trash found on Jacob Riis beach, a historic military base, psychiatric hospital and gay cruising site. The audio track of bird songs depicts other creatures experiencing displacement in the face of colonial interventions in the land.

Documentation courtesy of Laramie Moser